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Thinking of your next event? NVAMP is here. 

NVA Marketing and Promotions is an event staffing, marketing and promotions company based in Ghana founded by Nunana Awoonor.

The services we provide includes

Event Staffing

Event marketing

Event Management

Event Promotions

 Here’s why you should engages our services:

We train our staff to properly interact with customers, create a great vibe around the brand and the company they will be representing.

Our staff are very professional and committed to every project.

Our services are customized to meet every client’s need.

Our intention is to create a lasting impression on the minds of clients

 Do you have plans of organizing any event in Ghana or Nigeria? Get in touch with us via email: or call us on 0554602816. Visit our website

 NVA Marketing and Promotions   ‘providing Exceptional Services with a Phenomenal Experience’.

Interview With Digital Entreprenuer Benoni Tagoe 

Benoni Tagoe, a Digital Entrepreneur,  on as his journey as a music manager, creating web series with renowned Director/Writer Issa Rae and starting his company Volume Visual.

Q. You managed or were involved in the growth of the careers of some musicians early in your career, mind mentioning the names of these artistes?

A. I started my career working for the pop trio, the Jonas Brothers; I basically learned everything I needed to pursue a career in the music business from them and the team they surrounded themselves with. From there, I became a day-to-day manager for Interscope artist, Mateo and I then went on to become the tour manager for urban pop group, Mindless Behavior.

Q. Reason(s) why you decided to start Volume Visual?

A. Working in the music industry, I realized that there was disconnect between artists and the only social media platform that pays them in which is YouTube. Since I had a strong social media background (specifically as it relates to YouTube), I figured I tie in both of my passions, music and social media and create a company that ultimately assists the music industry as a whole with their digital video presence.

Q. What specifically does the company do?

A. Volume Visual is the first and only all hip-hop YouTube network. We take hip-hop artists and personalities and help increase their online viewership by using analytics, strategies and proven theories to make sure all of our artists’ channels are being operated at the highest level possible. For our larger channels, we then start helping them work with brands. If a brand is looking to target a hip-hop audience our network is made up of only hip-hop influencers so in a sense our goal has always been to take up the hip-hop real estate on the web and the brands work with us to reach that audience.

Q. Names of clients you’ve worked with so far?

A. Some of the bigger artists that we have worked with have been DJ Whoo Kid and Chanel West Coast.

Q. How many years have you been creating digital content?

A. I’ve been producing digital content for more than 5 years now. I started off working on a web-series called; ‘The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl’ with Issa Rae and from there, I’ve gone on to produce other web-series with Issa Rae Productions.

Q. How many projects/series have you created or produced? Names?

A. I’ve produced well over twenty shows at this point. Some of them include: The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, The Choir, TKO Series: Peter Quillin, Black Actress, First, How Men Become Dogs and so many more that have all been released digitally. My latest project ‘The Bizz Plan’highlights entrepreneurs as they explain their thought processes and motivations in everything they do. Be sure to check it out!

Q. Your company has a partnership with Pharrell Williams’ ‘I Am Other’, how did that come about?

A. At the end of the first season of ‘The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl’ Google came out with a 100 million dollar initiative where they were looking to program channels similar to the television model. There were channels created for comedy, cooking, sports and more! At this time whenever someone was looking for urban programming they would come to us first because we had the biggest urban web-series out. After multiple offers, we decided to work with Pharrell because well, he’s a genius and you just don’t pass on an opportunity like that. Period.

Q. What do you call yourself? Digital creator?

A. I consider myself to be a digital entrepreneur; I’ve worn many hats in the digital world; from producing to being a curator of content.

Q. What motivates you to keep creating quality stuff?

A. The web is an open platform when it comes to content! Not only that, but as a content creator there are tons of liberties that are given. I love being able to put out the type of content that I want to see, there is no other way that I would do things.

Q. Do you follow the entertainment scene in Ghana?

A. Yes, of course! My Dad and I talk about the emerging hip-hop scene all the time and there are a lot of initiatives for filming that I’m currently looking into.

Q. Future plans/last words?

A. I’m working on a series of workshops that will highlight my different theories in both business and digital content, I’d love to present and teach in Ghana! Be on the lookout for that to happen real soon. The Bizz Plan is out now! It’s only the beginning, its cool to be smart.


Kafui Dey, the host of ‘Who Wants To Be Rich’ has disclosed to me that the offer that got him to join Starr FM, was made at the right time.

Dey, who will be hosting the station’s morning show when they fully go live on September 1, says:

”I believe the offer came at the right time. I’ve had a history with radio back in the days when I was in the university, campus radio and then I did private radio in Kumasi, Kapital FM.

“I did private radio in Accra when I was with Choice Fm. And then I went off for a while and did TV but I’ve always had a love for radio. I guess good timing and then the offer came at the right time.”

With an added responsibility of a Programmes Director, he will be looking to help build a brand that holds so much promise.

He is excited about the chance they have to present an alternative on urban radio.

“Two words: exciting radio. We want to bring the excitement level up and come with something fresh, something that will thrill the listeners.

“I will like to say that the star on Starr radio will be the people who are listening so our job is to satisfy the stars who are those listening. And we going to give it our very best shot and we are confident that we will do a good job.”

On the station’s resolve to put up a strong, convincing competition, he adds:

“We want to do programming that is fresh. If the programming is not fresh, there is no reason to tune into 103.5 and listen to Starr FM so the programming will be fresh, it will be relevant, it will be exciting and we have surprising stuff up our sleeve, which I cannot talk about now.

“We want to brighten the media landscape in Accra.”

Interview With Danielle Kwateng , Senior Editor , StyleBlazer 

Q. Any reason(s) why you decided to be a journalist and report on lifestyle and entertainment?

A. Since childhood I’ve had a connection to magazines focused on lifestyle and fashion. In addition to be a beautiful escape, I relish in the ability to take readers to another place through words.

Q.Educational background?

A. BA from Howard University, Post Bac Columbia University

Q.Which media houses have you worked with?

A. Glamour Magazine, People StyleWatch, Ebony, Uptown Magazine and currently Moguldom Media Group.

Q. What are your responsibilities as the Senior Editor of StyleBlazer?

A. My daily tasks are a mix of reporting on fashion and entertainment news, editing copy from freelancers, promoting through social media and visiting showrooms.

Q. Names of celebrities you have interviewed in your career as a journalist?

A. Tracee Ellis Ross, Ted Gibson, Chuck Amos (Solange’s stylist), Selita Ebanks, Miguel, Nia Long, Common, Spike Lee and Drake—to name a few.

Q. Any memorable moments in your career?

A. Interviewing civil rights activist and American icon Dorothy Height not long before she passed. She gave her unique perspective on the recent election of Pres. Barack Obama in 2009.

Q. What keeps you motivated?

A. Honestly, my desire to continue to diversify the fashion world and opens doors for other women of color; there isn’t enough of us representing in the right way.

Q.Do you follow or monitor the entertainment industry in Ghana?

A. Not entertainment, but definitely fashion. I adore Christie Brown’s aesthetic.

Q. Who is your favorite Ghanaian artiste at the moment?

A. In the fashion world, Joyce Darkoh who makes impeccable menswear. In entertainment, Blitz the Ambassador, a friend of my fiancé and talented performer.

Photo Credit: Bryon Summers

Jasmin Assanoh, Ghana’s rep at Face Of Africa EU 2014 on the relevance of pageants.

Jasmin Nana Yaa Adjeiwaa Assanoh, Ghana’s representative at the Face of Africa EU 2014 talks about joining the beauty pageant, her chances and the relevance of pageants.

Q. Who is Jasmin Assanoh?

A. My parents are originally from Ghana. I was born on September 30 in a small town in North West Germany called Bremen. I speak German as a mother tongue, English,and then Twi, and French at a basic level.

Q. What is your educational background?

A. I moved to the UK in 2007, before that I lived and studied in Germany. During secondary school, I achieved 14 A* to C grades which enabled me to progress to college.

In 2012, after two years of being at college, I was awarded with two scholarships to attend Aston University in Birmingham to study for a degree in International Business and Management.

After the first year, I changed my course to better reflect on career aspirations in politics. I now currently study Politics with International Relations and French.

Q. Any specific reason why you decided to be a part of Miss Face of Africa EU 2014?

A. There are two main reasons why I decided to be part of this pageant. It integrates African Europeans together and it gives you a platform in the Fashion/Modelling industry, which I have been trying to enter for some time now. I developed a huge interest in African politics, development, affairs and integration, after watching a documentary and reading about Africa.

It instilled in me a passion to inspire black people and educate them about life ;that it can be better than what people have set them up to be. The media might portray us Africans in one perspective but Africa is more than what is seen in the media but with the right assistance, will and faith, it can be changed.

Q. How will the Miss Ghana UK experience you gained help you in the quest to win the current competition you are involved in?

A. Every pageant has its own uniqueness. Some of the other contestants have had modelling, pageant or worked in the entertainment field prior to this event. My experience has allowed me to be more confident. It has improved my stage presence as well as how to articulate myself better.

You are recognised by people, so as an ambassador or representative of the brand, it is important that you are always prepared to speak to people who approach you and be friendly to them. These and more I believe will assist me during the Miss Face of Africa EU 2014.

Q. What project would you work on should you emerge as the winner?

A. Due to my huge interest in political affairs, development, integration and the black community, I would like to give back what I have learned not only in the modelling field but also in education. The next generation is the future and it is important to educate them.

Q. What would be your reaction if you don’t win or make it to the top three?

A. Making it to the final of a European pageant is an achievement already; however not making it to the top three will just encourage me more to chase my passion for Africa and modelling.

Q. Any thoughts on the relevance of pageants?

A. Beauty pageants are undermined by people thinking it is only about beauty but once you actually get to be a part, you get to know that it isn’t just about beauty but intelligence also. You need to memorise a lot of things and with African themed pageants, you need to understand and know about your roots.

You are trained to talk, walk and also how to approach people in a professional way. You also get to network with so many people. Beauty pageants are for both males and females, reason why myself and some friends created a beauty/cultural pageant called Mr and Mrs ACS UK.

Q. What is Mr and Mrs ACS UK about?

A. It is a cultural pageant that aims to set a platform in the modelling or entertainment industry for the African- Caribbean students in university. The reason we decided to name it a cultural pageant is because we focus more on embracing our African roots. It was created in 2013 by few other friends and I. There is more information available on and on Twitter @mrandmrsacsuk

The finale of the Miss Face of Africa EU 2014 is on October, 2014. Like her Facebook page: for updates on the Miss Face of Africa EU 2014.

Photo credits
Designs from Miss Dee based in Ghana and UK
Stylist: Style Check Dee based in Ghana and UK
Make Up Artist: Daniella (Biney) based in London UK
Photographer: Onipa Dasani Photography

Spoken-Word artiste Crystal Tettey ready to shine at intwasa arts and shoko festivals in Zimbabwe

Ghanaian-Malagasy Spoken-word Artiste Crystal Tettey will be performing at the Intwasa Arts Festival at Bulwayo and Shoko Festival, Harare, on September 26 and September 27, respectively.

INTWASA is one of Zimbabwe’s premiere arts gatherings.

Starting off as a community initiative, the multi-discipline arts festival has grown to become a leading festival celebrating human diversity and creativity.

To date Intwasa has hosted regional and international artistes from Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa, United States of America, UK, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Wales and Zambia.

The heart of the festival remains community development and collaborations whilst its vision is mass celebration of human creativity.

The Shoko Festival is Zimbabwe’s fastest growing international festival. Shoko is a living experiment in urban culture, free expression and positive social change.

Shoko is about breaking down the barriers between media, culture and activism to create a dialogue, progress and cutting edge urban culture.

Crystal’s journey as a spoken word artist started in 2004, when she participated at a local event in Ghana dubbed “The Poetry Slam Jam’. She hasn’t looked back since then.

She has previously performed in Malawi and South Africa.

In July 2013, she released her debut album, ‘Faith, MadaGhana’ which was received warmly by the poetry community.

In an earlier interview with us on the uniqueness of her art, she said “I speak a lot on peace building issues as I have direct working experiences with civil society organizations, specifically those working in women and peace building.

Crystal works with the West African Network for Peace building (WANEP), African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) and the Foundation for Contemporary Art- Ghana (FCA- Ghana).

Alikoto Clothing presents “Fashion fuse”, a night of fashion, poetry and music.

Founder of Alikoto Clothing, Ama Asantewa Diaka is on a mission to celebrate the distinct cultures of French and Ghanaian fashion with Fashion Fuse.

Fashion Fuse is a show to showcase the rich cultures of Ghana and France and the outcome of the fusion of elements of each of these cultures.

“When Ghana is mentioned, most people from France think primarily of corruption, poverty, national parks and the many good athletes and musicians the country has produced but they hardly have any idea of the modern, creative and inventive Ghana in terms of fashion. But you make mention of France and things like romance, holidays, a well-developed country runs in everyone’s mind”, Ama Asantewa Diaka said.

“One important aim of the fashion show is to promote the understanding between Ghanaians and the French while presenting Africa as an infinitely modern, creative continent beyond music and to show that the media produces an incomplete picture.”

Poets Chief Moomen, Miss Ndabi, Dzyadorm, Namojiobese, Poetra Asantewa and Sandra Huson ofSkillions Records will be on hand to entertain the audience with spoken word and music.

Fashion Fuse is in collaboration with Alliance Francaise.

UK Born Ghanaian Radio Presenter/DJ/Voice Over artist MIka Abraham 

UK-born Ghanaian, Mika Abraham, has gone on to become the radio presenter/DJ/Voice Over artist she’d always wanted to.

Growing up, she showed early signs of wanting to chart a path in broadcasting.

Her fascination with how presenters/DJs interacted with their listeners also influenced the decision to choose a career in broadcasting.

Growing up, Mika wanted to be a historian, she wanted to study African/Black history but her love for radio took center stage leading to the broadcasting field, which she currently find herself in.

The 22 year old has been doing radio for six years and counting working with Choice FM, Rinze FM and Reprezent FM.

In the coming months, she will be operating her own radio show, which will be made available on her website.

She has DJ’ed at arts festivals including WirelessLove Box, and at Fashion PR parties.

Her voice over clients includes BBC Three, Channel 4, BBC Blast, E4 and Urban Development.

Like every career person, Mika has some very memorable moments.

“Hosting a stage at one of the biggest festivals in the UK (Glastonbury), just the fact that I was chosen to represent London was amazing, which helped elevate me into the mainstream side of the industry.”

“Also being acknowledged by the Ghanaian High Commissioner His Excellency Kwaku Danso Boafo for my work in the creative industry,” she recounts.

“Everybody around me knows that I’m always waving the flag for Ghana whenever I do anything, so for him to notice my work within the community made me feel like everything I’m doing is not in vain.”

DJ Black, Tim Westwood, Angie Martinez and Delay (Deloris Frimpong Manso) are media personalities who inspire her to aim for the very best in her career.

She talks about the inroads Afrobeats, and Black community-friendly songs are doing on UK Charts.

“You have the likes of Sarkodie, Atumpan, Fuse, Mista Silva and more been played on mainstream radio in the UK. People who are not Africans are listening and reciting their lyrics. This is amazing. You also have Ghanaian artistes being flown to perform at sold out shows and festivals. GH music is on the rise in the UK.”

Favorite Ghanaian musicians?

“My favorite definitely has to be Joey B; his approach to music is fresh and new. His verses are host. He also knows how to work the stage which I love. Big things are definitely are coming his way. I love FOKN BOIS as well: their artistry is captivating and unique.”

Mika has a diploma in Media and Broadcast Journalism, and currently pursuing a degree in Events Management at Greenwich University.

“My future plans include crossing over into the Ghanaian/African industry, definitely go to Ghana and do radio. I will be launching some new projects that will be coming out soon on Youtube and hopefully African TV networks this year. Launch my official website and release an official mix as well. I’m really excited about that, just working towards creating a strong brand and being the young voice of Ghana.”

Newly established Starr 103.5 FM will begin operations on August 4, 2014.

The station, which will be broadcasting from a location on the Ring Road, will be competing with Joy FM, Citi FM, and the other English-speaking stations for the upper class audience of the radio market in Accra.

The station has in its fold the likes of Bola Ray, Kafui Dey, Jon Germain, Nii Ayi Tagoe, DJ Blow, Dennis Mirpuri, Kwaku Obeng Adjei, Sammy Darko and Henry Twum Asante among other big names.

We can tell you that the host of ‘Who Wants to Be Rich’ Kafui Dey will host the morning show and is also the director of programs.

Former Atlantis Radio and host of ‘Asanka Delight’ on TV3 Jackie Ankrah is being considered as his co-host, we understand.

Starr FM is co-owned by former Finance Minister, Kwabena Duffour.

Efya will be performing at the Tribe One Music Festival, taking place in South Africa from September 26-28, 2014.

The Afro Neo-Soul songstress is joining American female hip hop head, Nicki Minaj, for the three-day event, which also has an impressive core of artistes lined up.

They include Kid Ink , Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Khuli Chana, Dbanj, AKA and Fally Ipupa.

Happening in Cullinan, Tshwane, South Africa, Efya will perform alongside Minaj on the ‘Diamond Fields’ stage, which is one of three main stages being used for the festival.

Set to be a huge break for the Ghanaian, the South African event will hold on the back of an impressive first and second quarter chain of cross-boarder performances, the more recent being an industry event in Nigeria.

Tribe One Music Festival is powered by ROCKSTAR4000 and Sony Music Entertainment.